Sunday, July 31, 2005

I think I suffer from a morbid lack of potent inertia.
Its only partly true that I typed the above line out because I suddenly miss being a geek.
That'd be a fairly accurate allegation yes, but I occassionally mean what I say despite the intricacies of the means in which I say it.
It takes me so long to type out the initial few lines of my post that I sometimes feel not winning any of the on-the-spot essay writing contests back in school was perfectly justified. In a nutshell, I've always been a poor starter.

If I feel I'm being a bit too hard on myself, I'll revert back to 'miss being geeky'.
She's looking so irresistably hot these days!

I recently had the good fortune of going to Taj Residency (yes its a big enough hotel to actually have a website!).
One of my pals was on this University of San Franciscso webpage and found out about this seminar to be held at the Taj.
Dr. Terrance Parr, a revered figure in the field of Compiler Design was to talk at length about domain-specific machine languages and the nuances of Terrance Markup Language (TML) besides academic pursuit at the USF.
The seminar was to be concluded with a dinner.
The fun part about being on vacation is that you have time for just about everything. Its like having the birthright of freedom enough to go to the seminar, get a seat at the back, make paper rockets to throw at neighbours and generally revel in a variety of similar time-killing tactics. After all, all you went there for was the dinner.
But when you have super-intelligent programming freaks for an audience throwing at the guy all kinds of super-geeky questions about finite automata, shift-parsing, multiprocessor architecture and whatnot, you begin to get the feeling you're not going to enjoy that sumptuous spread after all.
It just rendered me with a colossal persecution-complex and that familiar insufficiency feeling which was about the time I really started to enjoy memories of being the typical highschool hyponerd I was. I miss that, really do!

But food, much like vacation is among the sweeties of life. So I went ahead and did enjoy dinner which consisted of butter kulcha, malai kofta, bhengan curry, steamed rice, curd rice, rasmalai and the most amazing chocolate truffle ever. Whoohoo!

On a different note, I got loads of new music most of which are allegedly highly acid-influenced. Yeah, I've been listening to so much of Rush these days that I feel like taking a time-warp back to the 70s and see them onstage, altered.
But I'm certain that won't happen...mainly because we don't have H.G.Wells around and also because I'm obsessed with being at peace with my mystic un-alter ego!
Sometimes, I wish we did have wells!

Just so you know, its very likely that I put up C and Java fundas on my blog in the near future. The move is to be attributed to geek-stink spurts and rain in Bangalore. Ah, the nice things rain does!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005


I met this pal online who's doing his M.B.B.S. I tend to exaggerate my medical knowledge with such people sometimes and get really carried away.

Me: a reference book for schizophrenia and madness.
Pal: well, you have Sigmond Freud's thesis on schizophrenia..should be there online somewhere...the best available reference!
Pal: Its there in my library...but generations of schizophrenics have only left the cover page...
Me: lmFao!
Me: nevermind...I'll look for it at The Council tomorrow.

So, I go to the British Council looking for the book. There's this really cute babe reading that exact same book. I walk upto her and say,
"Hey, I was lookin for that book myself. I'm Manu btw..."

"umm, you want to read it together then?"

"That'd be nice...we could probably go out for some coffee later on. Or some Freud rice maybe."

"hahaha, you're funny!"

If only life was so kind...

Monday, July 25, 2005

Blogmeet Thing-2

I've always liked Saturdays. I've always liked rain. I'm currently deep in love with blogging. I especially like going to blog meets on rainy Saturdays.
It was such a neat meet too!
Ashwin was kind and courteous to brave the rain and make it to Barista at exactly 5 ish o'clock. He beat everyone else to it...who trickled in (literally) at 5 ist.
I wouldn't have reached late if I preferred taking a leak at the cafe's washroom instead of going all the way upto The British Library for it.
I asked around, apparently that is silly. Well, in my defense that Library has the best loos in town.

Anyway, it was all just too much fun....way too many intricate details to remember.
Highlights were the hilariously caffeinated discussions about Finch's new haircut, Cwapper's new babe, Hampi, Chunchi and similar funny-sounding places, Catch 22 (the movie) etcetera.
The turning point of the meet was moving from Barista to Tavern in the Inn.
The Holy Pint o' Beer combined with some classic rock had pretty much the desired effect on our conversations which mostly still fluctuated from dont-mess-with-a-man's-booze to dont-mess-with-a-woman's-boobs type dialogues.
Words like 'inebriated' instead of 'fuckin drunk' was severely frowned upon.

Statutory note: Stay atleast 300ft clear of Finch when she's on a neat 30ml Smirnoff unless you want to permanently ruin your spirit for life.

In a becoming of a ritual, Hotel Empire is always our immediete next venue after Tavern. Its also one of the reasons why I'm broke as a joke post-meet!

Percy was kind enough to invite us home for the night....which we were only ecstatic to oblige. Watching Matrix, for the 273rd time but this time with the subtitles...that too sitting on the the world's most comfortable couch was invigorating to say the least...especially with Percy's classic takes on Morpheus like "fundae bas kar chuthiye" among others.
Everything except my monetary status rocked....I still owe Crapper a Shanti Sagar coffee too. Thanks guys...we should do this more often!

Is it strange that the one line ringing in my ears right now is:
Insufficient funds, insanity and suicide...?
Foreclosure of my dream indeed!

P.S: I'm perfectly audible.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Alright awready!

I hate to make the fans of my one-off template feel aggrieved, but it apparently didn't go down well with a touch too many people.
Maybe I'll find another crosseyed-blitheringly kickass template one day and put it up....time shall tell. (I practise thespian speeches on the John these days!)

Alright, for the benefit of all confused women who seem to find it hard to comprehend men and their 'silly' love-based priorities, here's a ready-reckoner that should hopefully wrap up all the deliberations:

1. 'She' should be hawt. [This encapsulates all closely-knit aesthetic terms such as hot, beautiful, pretty, cute, well-endowed, well-dressed, well-heeled (one of our many fetishes) among others.]

2. 'She' should be approximately as smart as he is, but essentially less smart.

Other cutesies like:
"Being exactly as tall as to put her head on his shoulder so that he can feel the sweet aroma of her hair"
"Being there to help him finish that 'death by chocolate' by sharing it"
are all perfectly welcome incentives too!

Thats, really...its THAT simple!
Ok, so this is not the most elitist thesis on what-men-want ever....but its roughly based on this. Back me up, men!

Saturday, July 16, 2005

I'm back...and HOW

(I've ALWAYS wanted to say that, hee!)

I just want to celebrate my comeback with a major league satirical requiem for the darned exams, but I realised how pathetically bad I am at hymns and generally any poetic form.
Yennyhoo, the war is over dawg!
In a typically overwhelming sense of relief, I went and indulged in the typically satisfying post-exam bonhomie. Dine, drink and watch a second show!

'SARKAR' is an amazing flick...made me an out-and-out fanatic of Bachchan (Sr. and Jr.). man, they were frothing of class, panache, flair and also whatnot!
Getting drenched in the rain enroute home was the most climactic finish to all of it....well since 'Sarkar' anyway!

There's nothing like getting hit by the fact that you are badly music-starved and then getting down to do something about it. Five straight hours of muzak has left me with such a badass streak man!
Its one of those increasingly common phases when you feel like beating the holy crap out of someone, like really take it out. And whilst you are at it, you also feel like getting smacked around a bit yourself and taste that blood.
A dark room illuminated by just a zero-candle red bulb with some Dark Tranquility and Cradle Of Filth in the background will only help the cause.
I even watched an old WWF matchup, the three-way title match with Stone Cold, The Rock and Triple H!
Hail old school WWF...I'm not a least bit ashamed of having been a fan!

A frenetic book-shopping hour later, I have my hands well and truly full.
John Densmore's 'Riders On The Storm' and some steamin' Nescafe for now.
It can only get better from now babay!

P.S: The template was flown in exclusively to facilitate this post. I'm thinkin' the brickbats will drive this out anyway.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Music Tag

1. The person who passed the baton to you : Srini, Arcane Crapper

2. Total volume of music you own : Close to 50GB, of which 16GB is on the comp.

3. The title and artist of the last CD you bought : The Complete Works Of-Rush.

4. Song playing at the moment : Light of day, day of darkness-Green Carnation.

5. Five songs you have been listening to of late or all-time favorites, or particularly personally meaningful songs :
'Favourite' is such a temporal term.

a. Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath - Black Sabbath [perfection.Sabbath.period]
b. Hallowed Be Thy Name - Iron Maiden [need I explain?]
c. Holy Wars - Megadeth [about the most 'complete' metal composition ever]
d. Black No.1 - Type O Negative [karaoked this on stage once!]
e. Time - Pink Floyd [lyrically the single most meaningful song of all time]

6. The five people to whom you'll pass the 'musical baton' :

Hemanth [blawg, dawg!]

7. One song that best describes you : None but mine own - Queensryche [ba-dum-pum-pish!]

Saturday, July 02, 2005


Me: hey!

A: hey...what up! whatcha doin?

: nuffin much...just looking at some UNIX stuff.

A: eeiw..

Me: eeiwNIX? yep, sounds about right.

A: huh? why the heck are you looking at eunuchs?

Me: oh nevermind!

Exams can't do a thing to stop my days from being surreal!

Also stumbled on some funny Steven Wright stuff. Posting it for the pure lack of anything else to post. I like!

Borrow money from pessimists - they don't expect it back.
All those who believe in psychokinesis, raise my hand.
I almost had a psychic girlfriend but she left me before we met.
A conclusion is the place where you got tired of thinking.
The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.
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