Friday, October 29, 2004

Anulled the whole USD catastrophe by watching a really old episode of it just me or watchin da 6 of them together is about the best natural TV-induced high u can get!
I don't know why...but the fact that USD 20 amounts almost upto one thousand Indian rupees is freaking the living hell out of me...groping for solace on this one..

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

The Pen-is mightier!

read if u have a taste for subtle humor!
I ran into a pal of mine at a library today.Apparently he was lookin for a book on pathology which had illustrations,essentially.Curious,i asked him why the illustrations happened to be that important ( apart from da obvious reason of 'better understandability',duh )
so..he said something to the effect of actually getting better marks if he illustrates stuff that he's exaplaining...umm...for a pathology,if he's doing his bit on syphillis...he'll have to illustrate a damaged !

okay,is this the advent of the 'my-life-saddens-me' syndrome??

Soy Un Per'dedor,
I'm a loser baby,
so why dont u kill me?

Monday, October 25, 2004

Angst All The Way..

this blows!
we had this mini pre-placement talk thing in class today which a couple of lecturers who've hardly ever taught us before were required to run their mouths about.
I was sittin around going thru the motions in a talk show like this which seldom appealed to people with aggregates of my vicinity.Suddenly,one of the 'lecturers' makes me stand up and gives me a mouthful about how this program was not meant for ppl like me who had little or no chances of getting a job and how i shudn't disturb others around me who had contradicting suppositions about their future...such a whole lot of monkeycrap man..
i mean..all i might've done is exchange glances with a pal whom i'd discussed a placement thing before.i wondered how something as incredibly inconsequential as that could possibly 'disturb' the others,a significant part of whom were busy admiring the girth of his u-know-what! hell yeah,i may have screwed my engineering grades big time,but its not as if he can sue my ass over it..its not as if,i'm a total loser and i cant dream of landing myself a job sometime...yeah,i may suffer from extremely low self-esteem often as a result of that,but demoralising me smack dap in the middle of a class is sure as hell not even remotely a remedy..i dare say i'm echoing the thoughts of scores of hundreds of students who are facing the exact same hassles as me and we all could do with a word of encouragement here and there rather than creating a laugh riot at our expense in front of a class,a significant percentage of whom are dough-faced large-reared dickheads with an iq less than that of a table and living awefully boxy lives and yet aspire to live well-paid lives with hot partners. ( thats right,who doesn't? )i may be blowing this right out of proportion but quite frankly,i dont need this...i dont need to be insulted by people who actually think having scary bisceps and getting increasing steady paycheques gives them the right to demoralise people around..i sincerely hope,when i do get a job,my corporate ass isnt mature enough to hunt this 'lecturer' and kick him in the crotch!yeah,i know i'm in a lousy mood,i'm sorry to actually use this as an outlet and create a blogspot..but fuck u,i felt great about this!
hail hail to a free world!Moi
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