Sunday, March 02, 2008

It is so strange.

I just lost one of the most important accessories one can have in order to function in modern times, something that cost quite a bit of hard-earned money (the source of which itself is something of a saga!) and something of a life-support system that connects me to
everyone that I know. I lost my Nokia 6300.

After a long, tedious, fruitless search feeling disgusted with my luck, I pick up a can of orange juice and get back to watching the first India-Australia final. And thirty minutes later, I'm almost entirely healed.

Only Sachin Tendulkar can make me forget everything thats wrong with the world. Nothing can heal me better than watching my God overcome the smell of the rancid spit of his inexplicable critics time and again, overcome the noises from nasty Aussie sledging sessions, overcome lethal beamers, overcome cramps and overcome the complacency that enormous success brings, to bat to a 117 N.O. and take us to what is to me the most important victory in a long time.

Among the vestiges of decay (lack of coffee powder, rising tobacco prices and lost cellphones), Tendulkar today brought out the beauty of genius, silhoutted against the peachy sky behind the Colloseum of cricket.

I might have lost my second cellphone in as many months, but even that can't move me to tears like Sachin Tendulkar can. All hail the King, love live "Pa ji"!
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