Tuesday, June 21, 2005

And the situation wasn't quite as intense as I thought
I need you around to remind me when not to be calm.

Could you do this for me?
My egg-jams are here....maakaattack (not the same ring to it, no?)

Be back soon,

I'm done with my lab exams, both of which went terrifically well.
Ok, so thats just fancy for saying "I might just scrape through"!
Delightedly came home and watched 2 whole movies in the typical post-exam state of rare well-being.
Batman Begins is a ripper. I'd endorse Rahul's view...go watch it (in a theatre).
Mr. and Mrs.Smith is watchable...courtesy a well thought-out casting strategy that keeps male and female audiences lechering over Jolie and Pitt respectively. She's pure perfection man, faargh!

I still can't feel the tension dammit...a week before the exams. I'm proud of my superawesome self-confidence. I'm so vain, Wayne even...lol!
Ok seriously, have to scram....or cram, whatever. .*Man, I'm on FIRE!*

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Murphy's Chosen One

Wouldn't the world be a much better place to live if it was completely devoid of academia?
For how cavalier the thought sounds, I bet a gadzillion people around the world regard such a system as their idea of Utopia.
Yes, not having to study is downright idyllic. Isn't it so painfully obvious?

If we are the system ourselves and the system is functioning right against the favoured idea, wouldn't that make us sad hypocrites?

I understand this debate's been made umpteen times, but it amazes me that nothing's been done about it.

Of late, the whole academic relapse has transcended most of my other day-to-day activites and left me feeling plain insufficient. Getting caught copying didn't quite help the cause either.
It was supposed to be an open-book inter-anal dammit, who suddenly changed the rules??
Comfort then puts such obstacles as power failure at home and then a pub with sad beer and blaring techno music.
I finally went to a park almost out of town and talked it out a bit with Zach, my imaginary friend.
Am I demented or is this just a symptom of total disconnect and alienation?

Neat discussion with Zach though...helped clear stuff up.

I vote for large-scale ambush of hypogeeks, wonks and other gaandus.
We can all go take periodic tests on quantitative analysis, lateral thinking, read lots of Nietzche, Swami Vivekananda, the Gita and other holy books to keep our human values intact and if required, take quizzes on music every now and then.
Plain indolence prevents me from putting up a whole list of "better things to do than study".

Ok, so we might probably remain a bit primitive in cognizance and stuff...but we could so do with a break from all the 'superadvanced post-civilization technology' really!

If all this made sense, join me as I stare into the setting sun at the beach, beer in hand and shirtless. I might make catchy aphorisms like "Life sucks" every now and then.

If it didn't make sense however, attribute it to one of life's phases where the speech is exactly as coherent as the consciousness is not.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Two more great pals, Prajval (Dadiya) and Raghu got jobs at Igate and I-flex respectively today.
May the force always be with them and all others of the same awesome kind.

Passing thought:

There is at least one person nicknamed 'Dadiya' in every group of 10 largely Kannada-speaking people. Its a slang for 'fat pigs brought up on experimental food'.

Pissing thought:

I'm still jobless.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Like leavened dough layest thou

"Wyak" is about the best word there is to describe that morbidly reflective state I tend to go into right after my birthday.
This, when I can quite simply take the red pill and go on with the flow....not stopping to think about my 'accomplishments' in life and how ridiculously few and far between they've been.

That that will ALWAYS come back and kick me in the butt is but Zen.
If not, that sentence will immedietely make me think again.

So, to avoid all such hara-kiri, I've decided to embrace Carpe Diem.
I might also graduate on to Carpe MaƱana which is Spanish for 'seize tomorrow' as opposed to 'seize the day'.
As unprecedented as it is, this sort of future orientation might just serve me better in this alarmingly changing world. Haha, genius no?

Yes, no list of depressing excuses for harping about my potential non-existence this time round!
Singer once said:
"We have to believe in freewill. We've got no other choice."

Rush have gone and compounded that with:
"I will choose a path much clear, I will choose Freewill."

I think I've decided to take their word for it!

I'd like to believe my birthday was fun. The money I had could've bought me any of the following:

a. A good pair of shoes
b. A Signature acoustic guitar
c. An annual membership at the best library in town
d. A truckload of pirated music
e. A Yezdi rear-wheel and a Shogun handle for Angie

That I went for choice 'a' sums up the anticlimax thats my life.
Waddaya know, I did it again...faargh!

No peace,
Mr. Broke Bond, the Realist.

P.S: The name might just succeed in putting off people from asking me to 'treat' them.
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