Sunday, June 08, 2008

Growing up is strange. Among other things, once you hit 23 you feel the hedonist in you slowly but surely being killed. The pursuit of pleasure cannot afford to be an ethical principle any longer. The chief symptom is keeping a log of your spending on a daily basis. I think it is the typical Indian trait. We write down everything! Our idea of perfect work conditions has historically had a lot to do with a table fan, tea and an exhaustive supply of paper. Personally, being a Research Analyst hasn’t helped the cause. Presently I maintain a log each on money spent in a day, things I spend on, things I can safely tick off from my resolution list, books I’ve read in the past month, music downloads, books on my stack that I must read and a host of others. I can safely say I feel like a joyless fuck! I think the IBM ad on innovation was made exclusively for me. In my dream, I actually saw subliminal messages in the ad where that old hag in the “innovation station” says, “Manu, I’m your secret identity”. By the way, another person who has to watch that ad is Mr. Mulayam Singh. Street protests against lawlessness in UP? Whatte brilliant I say! Nakkan.

I abandoned all my logs. Just to remind myself, I shall put down a list of books I HAVE TO finish this month.

Great Speeches of Modern India – Rudrangshu Mukherjee

Eminent Historians – Arun Shourie

Priceless – LaSelle Britton

Dave Barry’s Greatest Hits

Pyramids – Terry Pratchett

Satisfying weekend so far. Haze, lots of beer, Wolfmother, more Wolfmother, splendid night with K and the baays. Also, I learnt that the best way to cure a hangover is to watch a taped version of Man United’s Cup-clinching win in Moscow. Like planes taking off. A 130-minute earthquake. Like Led Zep live in your living room. Combined!!

Peace & Ryan Giggs.

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