Tuesday, May 30, 2006

There is no spoon - Or how to say "Fundae bas kar chuthiye!"

Trinity meets a lesbian lover. Called Ether. Don't you see? It all fits. Neo is an anagram of One, Ether an anagram of Three. The Cat-fight for the future begins.
I hope the Wachowski Bros are reading this.
Possible names for the new sequel: The Matrix Convolutions or The Matrix Rotations.

Its been one year since the first blog-meet I was ever a part of. Maybe the aforementioned excuse for a brainwave is commemorative to that pleasant event.
To the guys that have altered my style of thinking, to the guys who can discuss 26 dimensions or gear-ratios or French troops in Morocco with equal fervour over countless pints of beer, to the guys whom I'm proud to have as friends, to my fellow blog-pals.
Onwards and upwards, amigos!

Once more onto the breach then...

Here I am after yet another shtaap-gap, itching to drift towards those weirdly wonderful tangents and wander off on those impersonal ego-trips of opinionated idiocy. You want? Maybe my blog does have more than 18 half-lives. More than that of a radioactive cat. Bravissimo, her Muliness! Haven't you heard? Bravissimo is part of the new thrilling concept of cyber-applause. You could reciprocate my kindness with "gryap!". That'd be a clap.

So yeah, I've been busy. In the midst of being a cradle to one especially pretty she-head, my shoulder is dealing with an apparently ceaseless flux of project work and final theory exams.
And about a week ago, I had been to a mega job fair. The Hindu Career Opportunities. Much as I expected, anybody who's everybody and a drunk protozoa made it a point to register online and bring their rather hopeful posteriors to Expo Trade Center. And much like myself, a lot of them were bitterly disappointed at the scheme of things there and left in a huff. The Hindu Job Fair was a let down because:
1. It was a mere gathering of several call-centres and BPOs rather than the IT-oriented conglomerate it was touted to be.
2. The few IT companies that were assembled to recruit engineering grads and working professionals promptly collected resumes telling us that "they'd get in touch in a week's time." It was unbecoming of a job-fair that should, in all 'fair'-ness recruit impromptu. Also it'd probably be over-optimistic on our part to actually expect calls in a week's time.
Yennyhoo, the basic instinct of a engineering student is to fart in the general direction of sadness or chaos, let out a contented sigh and carry on. And ofcourse, that what I did.

Lovely weather in Bangalore lately! None of the sunshiny cheer of the summer, but that all-pervading delicious smell and sound of rain. A brilliant time to stop, focus and ruminate about wanky crap in the name of artistic value, listening to Sysphus 4 on loop.

And thats pretty much all I did last saturday evening, when I turned twenty one.
The things I missed were blackberry brandy, a club soda and a svelte life-form that was stuck in Ooty.
Cheers anyway, here's mud in your eye!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Grad to meet you !

Up until 2nd PU, I had two major unfulfilled goals in life. One was to get an article published in Reader's Digest and the other was to give a speech at the graduation ceremony of Kumarans PU.
I've been through a lot since making those small resolutions, in the process setting myself more goals that may or may not have yet been fulfilled. Some have been partially fulfilled, for instance I set a goal of getting a species of lemur named after me. But now i'm a chronic night-crawler with abnormally big eyes. So its a sort of reverse engineering. Which brings me to the point of this post...

I'm officially and legally an engineer! No, really. I just had my Graduation Day party yesterday.
Among other things, yesterday was a culmination of a staggering multiplicity of fleeting events. A party where I sat and realised how time fuckin flies by. Yes, time doesn't march on. It fuckin flies by. Whats more - it gives you a neat chin-music to land you on the ground, walks right on your face, forgets to say "Oops, sorry about that" and then marches on.

Yesterday also heralded the start of a whole new era. An era where I get to run around places wearing a placard on my back that says: "Graduate here. The world can now feel free to kick the living daylights out of me."
But the bottomline is that yesterday was fun. It was all somehow surreal.
What hit me like a freight train as we walked the last walks of our lives into the college campus, in non-breathable fabric in a scalding Bangalore heat was that it was really time to leave. It was sad in a way, but it was also gratifying to think of finally getting that small piece of paper that symbolises all the blood, sweat and tears that we shed over the past four manic years!

On a level though, the pain lies well-hidden. Its the mob syndrome. I mean I did not feel it particularly painful while walking around the campus one last official time with the whole class. I felt a stronger surge of emotion while doing the same with six of my closest friends.
I was to spend the rest of the evening at the auditorium where there was a marathon round of speeches by the bigwigs of college. The audience was about as morbidly active as I can ever recall. The cat-calling was much louder than usual, but the cheers were too. Everything we did was punctuated by that slow-burning, percolative one-last-time flavor.
Also with the exhileration of knowing that this amazing day is actually happening. The day which all of our parents and ourselves have waited for ever since we learned to read and write.

Needless to say, there were professional pictures taken. And generally a lot of snaps clicked. I doubt if I'll feature in more photographs even during my wedding dammit! And then it was time for dinner. I repeat- I should be denied such unrestricted access to free food. I invariably end up eating like a bastard and waste lots of precious, fast-moving time on ole Johny the following morning.
But its funny how when you're really stuffed and park your ass on the lawn tired, with no one else immedietely beside you there's this added dimension of clarity to your thought. Me, I did a swift flashback to four years back and thought briefly about all the fun, all the laughter, all the tears, all the canteen coffee, all the college fests, all the bare midriffs, all the pantylines and so much more. I'd love to do a Chethan Bhagat and translate my little rumination into words sometime. Maybe I will.

Its a farewell party and it better stretch over to the next morning! It was a unique bash. Cool, clean and weirdly classy. Cool was the night, clean on the account of the celebration being devoid of liquor and classy because we drove out of town in insanely luxurious cars to get a coffee. Yes, it is unique when a big bunch of graduates decides to celebrate a big day by driving off to a 24-hr Cafe Coffee Day some 60 kms out of town and put some mindblowing free-style dance moves on display in a parking lot! Coffee and cigarettes, give!
Like everything proper, the party ended with bear-hugs, laughter, large-scale schmoozing and repeated rants of "You'll never walk alone". I don't mind being a Liverpool fan once in a while.

So yeah, its been four years and I still haven't written for Reader's Digest nor did I give out a soul-stirring Grad Day speech, but I'm an Engineering Grad yo!

In other earth-shattering news, I think I might well have met that hawt someone. Hawt, cool...heck even warm! I admit to have never felt this strongly about anyone ever before.
And its a beautiful feeling.........(marathon phone-call)....(I'm sleepy now, but beautiful little images of her)!

I need an easy friend
I do, with an ear to lend
I do, think you fit this shoe
I do, won't you have a clue

Peace. Love. Respect. Graduashun!!!
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