Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Reason, Conscience, Religion, Work

What a time to live!

It's a time that is laden with the exact mixture of highs and lows to keep you on the ground and on your guard. A time that lets you down after exactly the appropriate instant before happiness gets to your head. A time that is constantly lengthening your learning curve. I know its too self-righteous and probably too holier-than-thou. But the way I see it, after a decent upbringing, as a precursor to adulthood, there should ideally be happiness and success that is ephemeral.

I'm just learning so much! By the moment. And life is fascinating! It really is. In retrospect, I think I'm really on the path to come a full circle - from being a pimply teenager secretly applying women's face-cream to school to a moody adolescent who reveled in that oh-so-common phase of finding solace in being depressed just for the heck of it to what I am today. Big dreams omni-present in front of my eyes, witnessing every now and then the death of smaller dreams.

There are two kinds of people. One - those who take the beaten path, socially and otherwise, doing the "right" things, joining the rest of their world in their quest for economic production. Two - the rest who feel progressively strong moral prerogatives with each phase of life, suspending judgements for a while before accepting or negating them, unflinchingly indicting contemporary society when need be and join the rest in their quest for increased productivity. I aim to be the latter.

Much to live for, much to write. I hope to be back soon!
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