Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Read and Learn,grasshopper!

Here are the answers to that quiz I put up sometime ago...correct ones first followed by the funny ones!

Shots on target

1.Metal up your ass
2.Cool Hand Luke
3.Jimi Hendrix
5."Angry Again"
6.Stepphane Wolf,Born to be wild
7.Anti-Christ Devil's Child
8.Geezer Butler,bass
9.Blue Oyster Cult
10.Glen Danzig
11.Bruce Bruce
13.Bon Scott
15."A Day at the Races" and "A Night at the Opera".

Tequila Shots

1. Fuck 'em all
2. Sri Anjeneyam
3.Stepper Motor
5."...and no one's left"
6.TheRabbits,Holy Carrots
7.Angus Can Die Crapping
9.The Descartes Choir
10."can you repeat the question?"
13.Marvin,the android
14.The Suomi Screamers
15."Gay" and "Gayer"

Part of the Tequila Shots answers were the ones guessed by this metal-illiterate genius in class...part of them were just made up by me.
Some of them actually were real witty in their own way.

For instance, Stepper Motor is a geek's idea of Motorhead,
Deo when he overheard someone guessing Dio (which was wrong as well),
The HolyRabbits when he read the novelist's name as William Burrows ( lol ),
Angus Can Die Crapping was got by an anti-Angus Young punk who didn't want to get it right,
Suomi's apparently a Finnish lingo...and so on. It was all real fun!

btw,if you've scored more than ten in Shots on target, you dig some deep metal...gimme a hell yeah!
Less than 8 is decent, keep diggin'..you'll get there.
Less than 3 is bad, get back to highschool and rot listening to Bitchney Spears!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

dammitbitch! (another term o' mine - doesn't really mean anything)
I got 3 and 8 too, so plus 7, that makes 3 correct. So have I escaped Bitchney hell??
dammitbitch! Sigh. Oh well...
(heh heh, fair enough actually. It's disgusting how I've let my trivia knowledge slip...)
Good kizz, btw. Keep 'em coming. ;-)
And in case you're interested, I had 3 movie trivia kizzes - you might have to trawl the archives a bit to find them, though.



11:34 AM, December 22, 2004  
Blogger Manu said...

lol...make that dammitbitchney!
okie,3 aint that bad...u'll hafta atleast give her a flying kiss...its much better than actually listenin to her stuff,believe u me!
will chek ur trivia soon..
..and i give up tryn to guess what 'charas' is,sorry!

11:41 PM, December 22, 2004  
Anonymous Anonymous said...



1:58 PM, December 24, 2004  

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