Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Peter Steele once said:
"If you wanna blame someone,don't blame your parents..don't blame God, just look in the fuckin' mirror."

I've given up on adopting this as one of the several rock-oriented mottos that sensitize my emotional stimuli.
I mean, c'mon..why would anyone in his right mind want to deprecate oneself and be all smitten by guilt when there are trillion other asocial bastards to pass the buck to...either way, they're waiting to do the exact same thing to you,innit!

okay,there's a good chance that this might be my angst-ridden alter-ego Zachariah speakin...but he probably has a good point....well,he has a point.

As of now, Zach wants to kick an SOB called VTU in the crotch...apparently because, I got my revaluation results yesterday and VTU flunked me by a mere 2 marks...yeah,I was on 25 until I was awarded 8 more marks to end up with 33 needed just 2 friggin marks to have scraped through. This blows...esp when I was confident of a 60!

Nevermind...I guess I can't do much but crib...what with this conspiracy theory being masterminded by an ass-kissin' totalitarian like VTU. My career's still remains on the line...let me savor the excitement!

Steele, though gets my respect. He may be the most self-critical,pseudo-depressive maniac on the planet, but he still gave us that oh-so-compelling theory regarding the Origin Of The Faeces!



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